Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ooh push it, push it real good!

Week 7- It’s a push for paperwork

“I fly like paper, get high like planes, if you catch me on the border I’ve got visas in my name”

Paper Planes - M.I.A

Before I begin on the events of the week, let me say that Denis is back to full health so we are a complete team again!

Once again we have been busy with training, the wheelchair basketball sessions with HSB and ABUSHIS are progressing well. This week Andrew shifted the focus of the sessions from ball handling skills to defensive techniques and the athletes seemed to enjoy the new drills.  Whilst in other news, football for the deaf sessions with ASSB has also evolved from stamina building to ball control. In the coming weeks Roland and Denis will be looking at the players to divide them into 5 teams based on ability. We also went back to ARCHE to complete the preparation of the playing field and presented our coaching sessions plan for sitting volleyball and boccia, that being approved there is nothing to stop us going next week and beginning the sessions. As if that wasn’t enough coaching excitement for one week, we have received an invitation to plan and attend sports sessions at ABPAM, so next week we will hopefully be well on the way to training future paralympic goalball athletes!

            Zahra and I conducted our interview with employees at HSB, we were asking particularly about the current state of access to healthcare, employment and education for people with disabilities and the responses were really enlightening. It struck me that more or less ALL the provision there is for disabled people is in the capital and that they are ALL known to us. There is very little assistance given to people with disabilities beyond the organisations of CEFISE, ABPAM, APEE, ARCHE and HSB. We have used the information to inform our writing of the adult disability right and inclusive sports presentations and I can officially report that it is now complete. We will be looking for opportunities in the coming weeks to deliver the talk. With regard to our presentation for able-bodied children, Zahra and I visited a local orphanage called AMPO and as a result of our discussion we will be going next week to work with the children.

            Ever British, Andrew has been working on documenting all the training sessions both with written debrief reports and also cataloguing a library video footage from the sessions. As a team we are trying to leave behind a solid body of paperwork (the excitement in the office as to the thought of dividers is tangible) so that the next cohort are better equipped to see the progress we have made and what still needs to be done. This monster of a document is commonly referred to in the office as (are you ready?) “THE EPIC FOLDER OF BRILLIANCE”. Sadly for you, you will never see it, but trust that somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, it exists.


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