Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 6

It has been a busy week since the raising awareness event in Sapone, and we are now looking forward to events with the University of Ouagadougou and in Bobo-Dioulasso. We have continued our work with CEFISE, ABPAM and ARCHE, and we are also looking to find new links with SAABA, a sports club for people with intellectual disabilities; Light for the world; and Alliance Biblique, a local organisation that translates the Bible into local languages and has also set up 5 schools around Ouaga for children that are blind or visually impaired. On top of this we had a meeting with Annick Pikbougoum, who is the executive director of Special Olympics Burkina Faso. It was a very useful meeting; we were all infected by her enthusiasm and passion and it is an avenue that IS will hopefully explore because there is a lot of potential for a productive relationship.

Abdul leading a tennis exercise at CEFISE
At CEFISE we have focused largely on the basics of Volleyball and tennis, doing more general but games as well. In volleyball Biba has been teaching the basic serves and returns, and the children have started having basic rallies. In Tennis, led largely by Abdul, the kids have been practicing balancing the ball on the racket, and also doing sprint exercise, all of which improve their general coordination and they all seem to enjoy it. We have also started learning some basic French sign language with the Directrice at CEFISE, and it has proved very useful as with some classes more than just a physical demonstration is necessary. So far we’ve learned the alphabet, as well as a few basic phrases and nouns, but every little helps and we are relishing the challenge.

At ARCHE we have been preparing them for an upcoming regional competition in Boccia and Unified football, so our sessions there have been based principally around these two sports. Biba has led Boccia sessions, which have been mainly practice games, while Abdul and Gerard have led football sessions, which have been skill based with practice games to finish. The competition is on the 24th of May and we are all very keen to see how they get on.

Rhiannon defected to the ISE team for a morning and got stuck in straight away, helping out with Volleyball at CEFISE
At ABPAM we have had only one session due to a bank holiday but the sole session went well, where we did balance exercises and practiced Torball. The emphasis on ABPAM has been doing new sports, as unlike the other organisations with which we work; they already practiced inclusive and adapted sports independently of IS.

Stanley teaching a balance exercise at ABPAM
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